The Luminaire of HAMAYE Co.:

1- Soft Fluorescent Light

Soft lights are well-known for being both highly efficient and high quality when it comes to the lifetime and raw materials. BH is a state of the art soft light compared to other world class luminaire brands. We are proud to offer a wide range of soft lights which suite best for your either studio or location lighting as soft light or cyclo light. BH 110 has been made up of two fluorescent lamps complete with extruded aluminum. 60% of the light emitted to backside of the lamps is reflected to the front side as a result of our special reflector design.

2 - Spot-Fluorescent Light

KV Spot light is the new generation of fluorescent spot light which is a best-fit for replacement with traditional ones. With no quality drop barn door and intensifiers enables more controlling options. KV could be used both for studio and location lighting. Pan and tilt movement, smooth control without socks and vibration and non-sensitivity to heat and tilt angle is the special capabilities of this offering.

3- Soft Halogen Light

MH luminaire is in our soft light series. MH 2500 is proper in the case that massive light diffusion and shadow elimination is needed. These series of soft lights produce “Fill Light” and “Background Light”. MH is best to use for TV studios and movie theaters. Incredible reduced shadow factor (0.45 for MH ) has made this luminaire unique comparing to other brands. Natural ventilation, smooth control and pole operated handle are of other great capabilities.

4- Spot Halogen Light

AF Flood/Spot lights are warm lights which best fit applications such as “Key Light” and “Back Light”. Fresnel lens enables uniform light beams. For movie and television studios and also stage lighting we offer Af  series. Natural air ventilation, high quality lens and pure anodized aluminum reflectors has made this series highly competitive

5- Cyclo Halogen Light

SP cyclo-light series address the best solution for studio cyclorama screen light. SP highly efficient performance makes your location more professional than ever. You can obtain a homogenous radiation of the light on the screen up to a height of 6m from the ground. SP is designed especially for television studios as cyclorama and background light. Effective heat dissipation has been enabled by natural convection.