Hamayeh Company

Hamayeh was established in 1995, originally aiming at Automation of Control Systems and in less than 5 years of hard work and experience managed to become the major manufacturer of a wide range of different lighting systems equipment such as Cyclo lights, Flood/Spot Lights, Fresnel Lights, Fluorescent Flood & Spot Lights, Manual and Motorized Hangers, Digital Dimmers and Lighting Control Systems.

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Having the aim to meet the market requirements and the customers’ need, our research and development division, is always after solutions to improve the existing products and planning and manufacturing new designs. They are also in charge of testing the equipment and their parts as well as providing technical assistance after the sale.

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Most of the parts used in our products are fully designed and manufactured by Hamayeh and a few other parts and accessories we require are obtained from the international suppliers. Always being focused on the importance of quality, Hamayeh carefully selects its suppliers in order to grant that all the components applied to the equipment correspond to the necessary requirements.
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