To assure customers of fast recovery from any problems related to lighting systems, various levels of support is assured by HAMAYEH experts.


HAMAYEH Services are following:

1- Consulting in Design:  HAMAYEH team doing consult to customer in design lighting of studio with high performance.

2- Installation, Test & Commissioning:  to assure maximum performance of the whole system, HAMAYEH always suggests customers to use HAMAYEH installation & commissioning service besides the products. Very simple assembly and installation procedures are also provided in case the customer has its own installation team.

3- Training sessions:  Most of HAMAYEH products are quite simple and easy to use. So the training sessions can be a very good method to understand how to use the systems with highest performance.

4- Spare Parts:  As some of the parts used inside the products are consumable and might need to be changed after some time, HAMAYEH engineers suggest the required set of spare parts based on customer usage.

5- On-Call SupportTo reach higher levels of support assurance, 24/7 support center of HAMAYEH, helps customers to feel quite relaxed about unpredictable problems.