BR Series are Digital Tescopic Hangers in 7.0m to 11.0 m

BR series is the new generation of our motorized telescopic hangers. This compact unit can be fully controlled with either the internal or remote control. The coverage range of BR 7.0 M to 11.0 m. Smooth and quiet motion during operation is the special competitive advantage of this new product. TV studios and movie theaters are specific applications.


  • Lifetime lubrication in -30°c to +30°c temperature range
  • Dynamic and static self-blocking wore gear 150:1 ratio
  • Isolated class-B motor
  • Open and folded movement with the operating knob
  • Built-in thermal switch for overheat protection
  • Safety micro switch operation in the case of limit failure 
  • Average speed of 4 m/min
  • Max. Load of 40kg
  • Fast stop process when overloaded
  • Adjustable vertical range of expansion
  • Gearbox handle enabling pan an tilt movement
  • Easy maintenance and installation

Digital Motorized Telescopic Hanger BR Series are:

BR 7000D ( 7 Meter Motorized Telescopic Hanger )

BR 9000D ( 9 Meter Motorized Telescopic Hanger )

BR 11000D ( 11 Meter Motorized Telescopic Hanger )