DMX Data Booster 1 to 4

DB 0104

DMX 512 Data Booster ( 1 to 4 )

From among the restriction of standard of DMX 512 is the length of the route of data transition as well as the number of receiver. So, for the long routes or when the number of  receiver are excessive then the signal amplifiers and distributors are used. Serried devices of DB has been designed and manufactured in order to amplify and distribute the signals.


General capabilities:

  • Receiving input signal by DMX512
  • 1 input and 4 output channel
  • Creating amplified signal on the output based on DMX512 standard
  • Input Power: 220V-Ac
  • Dimension: 24*16/9 Cm
  • Displayers of DMX512 input and output signals
  • Independent units for producing DMX512 signals
  • XLR 5Pin sockets of input and output DMX512 signals