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FJ Series are Digital Dimmer

Digital Dimmer is a tool for fully digital and programmable light intensity control of tungsten luminaires up to 5000 watts. Is Design is based on the object oriented method witch meets the toughest studio lighting specifications using unique and high precision microcontroller-based design


  • Easy accessible plug-in design
  • Tungsten luminaires light intensity design
  • Internal low voltage power supply and DMX receiver /transmitter
  • Light intensity status available on 7-segment panel
  • Individual selection of dimmer law: linear and square
  • Smooth output current and low EMI noise
  • Dimming from full beam to total lamp black out, between 0 to 100% of total rated power
  • USITT DMX-512 standard

Digital Dimmer FJ Series are:

1- FJ 5000D ( 2 * 2.5 Kw Digital Dimmer )

2- FJ 5000C ( 1 * 5.0 Kw Digital Dimmer )