RP 512 is Remote Control Panel for control Motorized Digital Hangers (Wireless)

RP 512

Light Trailer Wireless Control Panel

RP 512 is control wireless panel of digital pantographsmade by Hamayeh Inc., This panel includes a software set up on a tablet by which an operator can send the motion commands to digital motorized pantographs. Configuration and set up of this panel is very easy. Wireless panel sends commands by a WI-FI signal through an access point to control board of CP 512 and commands are exercised to pantographsthrough this board.

General capabilities:

  • The software can be run on all Android tablet
  • Connecting to pantograph control board CP 512 via a modem ( access point)
  • Sending commands to CP 512 via WI-FI signal
  • Sending commands to pantographs via CP 512
  • Ability to control 512 Pcs of digital motorized pantographs
  • Ability to select a group of pantographs (Maximum 10 Pcs simultaneously)
  • Ability to define studio arrangement
  • Being portable