Category: TL 4800
TL 4800 is software for lighting control 48 channels
TL 4800

TL 4800 provides a unique PC-Based lighting control system, with the capabilities of a full-feature control consol. It is a complete system of control elements that be fully configured to fit the needs of a wide variety of lighting applications


  • 26 Independent sub master
  • Control 48 channels in each sub master
  • Definition of simulation fade and flash
  • Duplication of one group to another one
  • Definition of various flash type (from 0.0027 to 17 Hz)
  • Object oriented design and implementation
  • High resolution graphics
  • User friendly interface
  • Fade, Flash and Delay time from 1 sec to 9 hours
  • Output data based on DMX 512
  • Channel Refresh rate 45 times/sec
  • Simulation Studio and report windows